When a couple desires a child, they can legitimately determine the sex of the child!

There are several methods available to achieve this, some are easier than others and some are more trustworthy than others…

The moon system , the 'scientific' method , the 'diet' method.

It reminds me of a comic strip where a girl suggests that if a couple makes love on top of the duvet, they will have a girl and if they do so under the duvet, it will be a boy!

As you can see, you can read and hear everything and all kind of things from the press, people around us and on the Internet!

How can one trust a system so automatic that it sends you an artificial systematic calculation within several seconds, which makes us believe that all mothers who share the same birthday will have the same children! It is obvious that simply your date of birth is not enough to predict the dates on which you are going to have a boy or a girl !

It is better to trust a reliable site, which conveys a safe, honest method, in relation to the cost and efficiency. It is better to pay a reasonable fee than to throw the money out of the window! In any case, there is a fifty-fifty chance of having a boy or a girl. However certain methods work at least once every other time they are applied!

My exceptional method

The arrival of a baby is the most beautiful thing that can happen!

Choosing the sex of her unborn child is a luxury you want and we can well afford. I am convinced of the benefit of my method. It is just here to help. In any case, I do not divulges for the first child. It just allows you to have a boy, if you already have a girl for example. Or rather, to put the odds in your favor, if you want a little girl.

This is a completely different method which gives parents the opportunity to maximize their chances of having a girl or a boy.

  • - In fact, you will not have to change any of your life habits!
  • - It is ideal, because you do not need to deprive yourself,
    nor make any particular effort, nor follow any particular diet!
  • - There is no danger to your health and no side effects!
  • - 100% natural and especially extremely efficient!
    (more than 90% success rate for hundreds of mothers)

The process is simple:

you have to register on line, and reply to some key questions, in complete confidentiality.

Using the data given, I will work on your profile and do a personalized study. I will then create a unique calendar, which gives you several favorable dates, over nine months, where you can attempt conception for a boy or a girl.

You can make love whenever you want! On certain days it will be obligatory to take precautions( with condoms).

After subscribing, I will have the pleasure of sending you a letter containing your personalized, laminated and decorated calendar which you will be able to consult over the months.

All the dates will be noted down, in a simple and precise way in order to conceive your daughter or your son.

If you are not pregnant during this nine month period, I will guarantee another calendar for free.

The price is 180 €. Taxes and delivery fees are included.

My prices are based on an honest and true commitment to you. Each analysis takes time, and I commit myself to your case, to provide good service and reply to all your supplementary questions.

I remind you that the success rate of my method is greater than 90 % !

My analysis obviously applies
before the baby's conception.

Finally don't forget to contact me with the details of the birth of your baby!

I will be happy to send you a gift.