Getting to know each other

I am a mother of four children.

After having had the joy of two girls, my husband and I agreed to try for a third child together. I cannot hide the fact that my desire was to have a boy.

I started to ask advice from people around me. My mother told me about her sister-in-law who, once married, wanted a boy more than anything.

My mother told me so, there are now over 13 years, my aunt who lived abroad at the time, asked a wise man in the village for a method of choosing the gender of her child. My aunt took the advice and: she had a son!

maman et son enfant

I was so moved by this story, at the heart of my own family. I then talked about it to my husband, who being in the medical profession, made fun of it.

But as this method is natural, healthy, requires no special diet, and is universally applicable, he estimated that it wouldn't be harmful to conceive a baby at one moment or another.

We then used my aunt's method and that's how we had our little boy. Several months later, my husband and I wanted another child: I didn't use the method for this one as we already had a combination of boys and girls and didn't mind for the fourth one. For personal reasons, I wanted to give birth in March. I admit that I was lucky to be very fertile. I then checked if I was going to have a boy or a girl, once I was pregnant.

According to my calculation, it was going to be a girl, and we had a little girl!

I was so happy and overcome! I was also very lucky to be able to look after my children at home. I helped several of my friends (in agreement with their husbands) who were also at the age of wanting to have children, to have the gender they wanted.

Alternatively, my husband, who was very skeptical at first, reassured me by telling me daily how often my method worked. He said he could not understand why but according to the statistics, it was true more than 9 times out of 10.

The success rate is phenomenal !

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