Terms of sale

By the order and the settlement of the delivery «boy or Girl» and delivery of customized kit, I agree to the following :

- I am solely responsible for my project.

- I made sure that my approach is respectful of the laws of my country.

- I answered in good faith, to all the questions for the development of diagnostics needed to customize the response «boy or girl.»

- I am aware that the information I give you is strictly confidential. Any change of information after sending the questionnaire leads necessarily to a new analysis. I undertake to verify receipt of my calendar that the information is correct.

- I paid the entire cost.

- The schedule is proposed that as part of an indication of convenience for parents. It must not and can not be used during a first pregnancy, or as medically indicated to try to prevent any sex-linked genetic disease, or any condition whatsoever.

- I agree formally to read all the data relating to the method garçonoufille.com not be held responsible for the absence of pregnancy, voluntary or involuntary interruptions of pregnancy, twin pregnancy, the birth of a child affected with a disease or abnormality of any kind , premature birth or ectopic pregnancy, or other areas of difficulty encountered gynecological or obstetric.

- Any dispute concerning the dissemination and development schedules are subject to jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts of Romans.

- Your exceptional method will be send, after a period of 7 days completed.